What Is The Zoom Waiting Room And How To Use It

What Is The Zoom Waiting Room And How To Use It

When you organize Zoom meetings with a number of people it is very likely that some are going to turn up too early. Rather than have them join the meeting early and not know what is going on, Zoom has a waiting room feature which provides you as the host the control to determine when people can join your meeting.

With the waiting room feature you have a number of options:

  • You can make all of your meeting participants go to the waiting room first
  • You can choose to only make guests go to the waiting room
  • You can admit people in the waiting room to your meeting on a one by one basis
  • You can admit all of the people in the waiting room to your meeting at once

The Waiting Room Screen

When a meeting attendee is sent to the waiting room they will see a message on their screen providing information asking them to wait. By default, Zoom will provide a message similar to this:

“Please wait, the host of the meeting will admit you soon”

“Joe Smith’s Meeting Room”

There are some customization options available to you here. You can add your logo to the waiting room screen and you can edit the title on the screen and the description that the attendee will see.

Please note that the waiting room option is only available for Zoom meetings and not Zoom webinars. You will need to enable the waiting room option in your meeting settings and this will prevent any participants using the “join before host” feature.

Setting Up the Waiting Room

In order to setup the waiting room feature for Zoom meetings you will need to have the Zoom client installed on your computer or mobile device. The first step to enabling the waiting room feature is to log in to your Zoom web portal as the administrator so that you have the necessary privileges to change account settings.

Go to “Account Management” and then to “Account Settings”. Look for the “Waiting Room” option which you will find under the “Meeting” tab and turn this on if it is off. Now you will need to decide who you will send to the waiting room which is a choice of:

  • All the meeting participants
  • Guest participants to the meeting

A guest is someone that does not appear in your Zoom account or it is a participant that has not logged in. If a person is on your list but has not logged in then they will be provided with the option to do this.

Group Settings

If you have people in a specific group that you hold meetings with regularly then you can follow the procedure above with the exception of navigating to “User Management” and then “Group Management” before you get to the waiting room settings. You will need to select the appropriate group name if you have more than one meeting group.

One on One Meetings

If you are going to have a one to one meeting with an individual you can make them go to the waiting room first. In order to do this you will need to log in to the Zoom portal and then select “Meetings”. Schedule your meeting and then you have the option to enable the waiting room before you save.

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