Recording Your Zoom Events

Why You Should Record Your Zoom Events

With Zoom you can record your meetings and webinars. The free account has some limitations here. There is a time limit of 40 minutes and you can only save your recordings to your computer.

We strongly encourage you to record your Zoom events and we will explain the reasons for this here. Even if you are just holding a one to one Zoom call it is useful to record it so that you can replay it afterwards.

Recording your Test Sessions

You want to be the best you can be when you are hosting a Zoom event. If you are new to Zoom then we recommend that you take advantage of the test features in Zoom so that you can record yourself.

You may think that you are a really great presenter and others may have told you this before. But you need to be aware that presenting to a real life audience is different from hosting a Zoom event. It is likely that when you play back your test recording that you will find weaknesses that you can improve on.

When you are checking your performance pay special attention to how you look on video. Are you happy and smiling or are you serious and miserable looking? Are there a lot of “ums”, “eh’s” and “you know’s” in your delivery?

One on One Calls

When you are conducting important one to one meetings it is useful to record the call so that you do not have to take a lot of notes. In business calls it is common for both parties to agree to specific actions and there will usually be some background details discussed for these actions.

If you are constantly taking notes then you will not be giving your full attention to the person that you are calling. On a video call they will see you looking down at your notebook a lot which can really put them off. By recording the session you can refer back to it afterwards and ensure that you don’t miss anything.

Tell the other party that you are recording the call for this reason. You can offer to send them a copy of the recording if they want this. It can help them to remember what was agreed on the call as well.

Group Meetings

With a group meeting it is even more likely that people will agree to actions and that there may be some questions that go unanswered because further research was necessary for example. You can keep track of everything by recording the meeting. Send a copy of the recording to all of the meeting participants afterwards so they know where they stand.


It is always a good idea to record your webinars. You do not have to tell your audience that you are going to do this at the registration stage – in fact it is better if you don’t because it may reduce your attendee numbers on the live event.

You can use your webinar recording as a “replay” for those that registered for the webinar and didn’t attend for whatever reason. It is possible that you can make some more sales by doing this.

If you have an email list you can send out the webinar replay to those that didn’t register for the live event as a way to drum up more interest in the product or service that you were pitching in the webinar.

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