How to Get the Hollywood Physique

When you think of someone successful you tend to think of someone who is doing well in their career and their relationship and probably someone who is financially very stable. But as well as thinking of their success in those terms, you probably also have a picture of what this person looks like. You probably think of a successful person as having a certain look – as being physically fit, strong and attractive.
And I’m not talking about a bodybuilder’s physique or even an athlete’s. I’m talking about a very specific body that the most successful people seem to have and that Hollywood actors in particular seem to sport. This is the Hollywood physique – one of the best hallmarks of success – how do you go about achieving it?

The V Shape
The most important aspect of the Hollywood physique is to achieve a ‘V shape’. That means wide shoulders and a narrow waste – important signals that communicate strength and physical healthiness. In fact, this ratio is one of the things that women notice first in a guy when assessing whether he is a good genetic match!
To get wider shoulders you need to work your lats and your shoulders. To do that you should use weighted pull ups (one of the very best exercises for widening the upper back) and shoulder presses.

Likewise, to get a narrower waist, you should focus on doing cardio in order to burn fat and lose weight. The objective is to get down to a 10-12% body fat which should reveal your abs (especially if you also perform crunches and sit-ups).

The best form of cardio for accomplishing this is HIIT (high intensity interval training) which means alternating between high-speed exercise (going at 100% speed on a treadmill for instance) and active recovery such as light jogging).

Don’t forget to train the transverse abdominis. This is a band of muscle that wraps around the core and the lower back and is often described as ‘nature’s weight belt’. This muscle will not only keep your body upright but will also hold your gut in and give you a flatter stomach. Train this with ab vacuums or plank.

Finally, train your chest to finish the look and to give yourself an armored front. Do this with incline bench press which will train the tops of the pecs rather than the lower portion.

Of course you need to train everything but focus on these tips and you’ll develop the Hollywood physique!

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