Can No Fap Really Make You More Successful?

If you’re really keen to unlock your full potential and to become the best version of yourself, then you need to consider every option. It is certainly not enough that you only consider the appealing ones or the fun ones!

And with that in mind, you likely can’t have missed the whole ‘no fap’ movement. This movement began life on Reddit but has since spread around the web. No fap of course means no motivation and according to proponents, this is an effective way to make yourself more energetic, more driven and more successful.
But can it really make that difference?

The Benefits of No Fap
The benefits of no fap largely come from the neurochemical impact of masturbation. The problem is that watching porn triggers a huge dopamine release. Dopamine is a neurochemical that is associated with goal-oriented behaviour and when this is released, it reinforces our behavior.

We need dopamine in order to feel motivated, driven and positive and when we don’t get enough, we can experience depression and indifference.

The problem is that porn makes it too easy for us to get a massive release of dopamine. This makes it highly addictive and it means that we can eventually end up damaging our dopaminergic systems to the point that we can no longer get that sense of drive and determination that we need.
This is one reason that ceasing porn use might help to make people more driven and determined again.
What’s more is that porn takes time. This is a huge waste of life and even if you only look at it for 10 minutes a day, that’s still 70 minutes a week – well over an hour.

And let’s be honest: being the most effective and powerful version of yourself does not usually correlate with spending hours of your life watching women in videos!

In order to break this habit, you need to exert incredible will and incredible determination. This is not easy but if you can accomplish it, then it will greatly enhance your ability to succeed in other areas too. If you are able to break this life-long habit, then you should have no problem going to the gym, ironing your clothes or dedicating half an hour a night to writing your book.
Whatever the case: motivation can be trained just like anything else. This is the ultimate way to train it!

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