The Advantages of Forums


Don’t Forget Forums as a Formidable Social Networking Source!
For many of us, the term ‘social media’ is practically synonymous with Facebook and Twitter. At the very least, we will tend to associate social media with analogues of these two big sites and generally we think of social networks as modern sites where you can log in and share pictures and status updates.
In reality though, the web has been social long before Facebook was a twinkle in Mark Zuckerberg’s eye. When the web first exploded in popularity, people were already having discussions and debates about their favorite hobbies and interests but they were doing so in chat rooms and on forums.
And while Facebook and Twitter have more prominence now than those aforementioned chat rooms, they are nevertheless still out there and they still offer a lot of opportunities.
What are Forums?
A forum is essentially a message board, normally attached to a website, where people can post questions and get answers. Users must first create a profile and from there they can create or respond to ‘threads’ as well as doing other things like send private messages.
In other words, these act like the groups or pages on social media, providing discussion that is centered around a specific topic and where only ‘members’ get to contribute. This is one of the biggest attractions of these forums – they have a ‘VIP’ feeling and tend to nurture a much more close-knit community. Many people will make friends on forums, or will even work together on joint projects etc.
The Advantages of Forums
So while forums are smaller than social networks, they are also much more targeted and the users tend to be very committed and passionate to the subject. This creates an ideal opportunity for you to gain exposure for your product or website if you post there.
The problem is, most companies have no idea how to use forums. They will simply create accounts, log in and then post their link like an advert. Bearing in mind how much of a clique the users of these forums become and how protective of their community they are, you can imagine that this is often met with disdain.
To succeed on forums then, the objective is rather to post links only after you’ve established yourself as an active member of that community. To do that, you need to take part: by answering questions, by starting discussions and by finding things you find useful. Though it takes a little work, this can allow you to learn more about your target audience, to demonstrate yourself as an expert on your topic and to build loyal fans and even friends. Once you manage that, you may even find that they actively help you to promote your business!

Affiliate Marketing on Social Networks

Social networks provide an excellent opportunity for affiliate marketers and can provide a large amount of direct sales.
In fact, one of the simplest ways to start making money as an affiliate marketer is to pay for targeted Facebook ads and to send people who click on them to a landing page selling an affiliate product. As long as you get the targeting and the CPP correct, you can generate profit immediately and scale it up as much as you need to!
But if you want to go further than this, then you need to start using your skills as a social media marketer in order to build trust with an audience and to spread your message to get maximum clicks and buys.
Sharing the Lifestyle
Once you’ve started to build up an audience for your social media profile, the next thing you need to do is to start generating interest, engagement and trust. Most likely, the people who started following you on social media did so because they were interested in the industry/niche that you’re selling products in. As such, your next step is to get them excited about that industry or niche and to demonstrate your experience and expertise.
Selling ‘make money’ programs? Then post pictures of your laptop with mugs of tea in coffee shops, or of you working from comfortable hammocks. Selling fitness supplements? Then post motivational status updates and images of attractive people working out.
Over time, this will get people who have an interest in your products more curious and it will show off the kinds of things you are promising to be able to do for them.
Writing Reviews
To start clinching actual sales, one of the first things to start doing is writing reviews. These reviews can be written straight onto your social media as posts, or you can share links to blogs and articles where you review products. Either way, now you’ve built up some trust and got attention, people should be more likely to click and to read.
Some Tips and Rules
The temptation now is going to be to give rave reviews to any product you can find with an affiliate scheme. While this can certainly be a profitable approach though, it’s also very much short sighted. This way, you will quickly lose the respect of your followers and you may even be seen as a spammer.
Instead, try to find affiliate schemes for products you genuinely believe in – and be sure to provide genuine advice on who the product is for. You are providing a service by finding and recommending products to the audience you have built – keep this in mind and you will succeed!

Visitors From Purchased Traffic


Today’s market place is very different than forty-years ago. Forty-years ago if you wanted to
open a business you had to have upfront costs, property, large amounts of inventory, and your
best bet for advertising was the local paper and direct mail pieces. Of course, this took a lot of
effort and even more money. You had to hope and wait for people to get your ad and decide to
come and purchase a product from you. Going out and getting them to come into your store
would have been a difficult feat.

Additionally, forty-years ago your ability of growth was limited to local purchasers for the most
part. If what you had to offer was not in a reasonable distant from your potential consumers,
your company suffered. Moreover, because most shopping was done near home, any bad
publicity could really hurt your company’s reputation; thus, leading to your company being shut

Forty-years ago consumers had to find local places to purchase their goods at; everyday
shopping was done within a modest radius from home-base. To know what merchant had new
products or sales, one had to wait for either the Wednesday Flyer or the Sunday paper.
Options for product purchases barely existed beyond one’s living area.

Jump forward to the modern day and we know all of this has changed. Today, any individual
can purchase whatever they desire from anywhere in the world. Most likely shipping will be
free and the products returnable. There is nothing that cannot be found – the Internet has
everything from the rarest of coffees to cheap rubber bracelets. It does not matter what is
wanted, it is there for the purchase. And, that ability to purchase whatever it is wanted can be
comparison shopped in the blink of an eye; thus an environment that is exceptional for the
buyer and a tough one for merchants.

For business owners the Internet can be hit or miss. There are more customers than one can
shake a stick at with an equal amount of competition. Unlike yester years when your nearest
competition was a decent amount of distance away and your location added to your bottom for
consumers appreciate convenience; the Internet has competition that is breathing down your
neck. Competition on the Internet is so close to your proximity that it would seem your could
just reach right through the Internet and touch them. They can take tease your customer away
long before that customer ever knows you exist. In fact, all your competition has to do is rank
better then you on any search engine results page.

Understanding the importance of your competitions proximity is one of the most important
things to understand when dealing with marketing attempts on the Internet. Today, there is no
distance between you and your competition and you most likely have anything that can not be
bought on some other website. Now, when a consumer wants and needs a product or

information, all they must do is put there desires into the URL and pages among pages of
options displays on the search engine results page.

What you must be concerned with in this situation, when listed amongst your competitors is
stand out. In this book, you will learn about the main and most popular techniques to
purchasing traffic to you website.

We will discuss pay-per-click methods that are one of the very most popular formats to use.
This technique works nicely and if you create an excellent ad, you will gain enough traffic to
push you to the next level of success. We will also discuss banner ads that were the first on the
block for website marketing ads. They fell from popular use for awhile but in the last few years
they have made their way back due to technological advances. These are inexpensive and if
done write, valuable.

To add to your arsenal of marketing weapons, we will also discuss email marketing and Search
Engine Optimization. Email marketing is a great tool and excellent for targeted marketing
attempts when you want to get up-close and personal with potential customers. Email
marketing, if done well, will build your own client lists that will prove profitable.

Search Engine Optimization is the king of purchasing website traffic. Search Engine
Optimization is not purchasing traffic in the traditional means of the online market place.
However, it is worth more than its weight in gold when done properly. Search Engine
Optimization can bring in traffic like no other technique and those who understand its value can
become the master of their search engine results page listing and rank. What is so pertinent to
understanding this technique is that it can eventually lead to you not needing to pay for traffic
from other mediums as all. Of course, you will continue to want to use other methods of paid
website traffic, but you will be able to become much more selective in your efforts with more
to spend on growth.

We will end this book with terms you need to know to start understanding the web marketing
industry. When first learning how to build your web site, it can be hard to gather your thoughts
and wrap your mind around what is being said. To help in that, terms that are most often
discussed in web traffic buying is listed. Not all of these terms are concepts mentioned
throughout the book, but they are listed to add to your understanding. Read them as you
would the rest of the book. They provide more than just definitions, there are helpful tips to be