Do you wish life came with a “do over” button? Are you in desperate need of change, but fail to act when it comes to actually changing?
Do any of the following sentences sound like you?
You fantasize about a better future constantly but feel powerless to make your fantasies come true
You look at your life and wonder “How the hell did I end up here?” or “Is this it?”
You can’t let go of the past and agonize over what you could’ve done differently
You’ve tried to change and failed more times than you can count
You want something better for your life, but you don’t know where to start
If you’re nodding to any of these questions… I wrote this book for you.
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What if I told you that you didn’t need tons of willpower to change the direction of your life? What if I told you that a few subtle shifts in the way you think could mean the difference

between staying stuck and living the life of your dreams? Don’t worry. This book won’t tell you to simply “set goals” or “dream big!” Those words sound nice, but they don’t actually

change anything. See, until you become someone who is capable of changing your circumstances, you won’t change them. Some gurus will tell you to “show grit!” or “muster up the

guts to succeed!” but statements like those don’t go beneath the surface. I know you have what it takes to change your life. Why? Because you’re here right now—searching for ways to

improve. If you take a small chance on yourself and read the book, you’ll find the answers and insights you’ve been searching for.