28 Principles Of Attraction

The Universal Law of Attraction simply states that we attract whatever we give our attention to. If we focus on our troubles and problems, we’ll attract more of the same. If we focus on our desired outcomes and situations and especially on the FEELING we have when we are in these positive states, then the universe sets in motion the conditions and circumstances needed to bring us our desires.

Thomas Leonard, the founder of the profession of coaching created The 28 Principles of Attraction. These principles are designed to help you take the stress and confusion out of your life. Using them helps you to define what success is for you and to attract people into your life who will help you reach your goals, dreams and vision. Rather than chasing success you attract it. If you build your life around these 28 principles, you’ll wake up happy and go to bed happy each and every day!

Here are the 28 Principles:

  1. Become Incredibly Selfish
  2. Show Others How to Please You- Don’t Make Them Guess
  3. Become Incredibly Irresistibly Attractive to Yourself
  4. Unhook Yourself from the Future
  5. See How Perfect the Present Really Is
  6. Create a Vacuum that Pulls You Forward
  7. Over Respond to Every Event
  8. Sensitize Yourself
  9. Thrive on the Details
  10. Build a Super-Reserve in Every Area
  11. Add Value Just for the Joy of It
  12. Deliver Twice What You Promise
  13. Affect Others Profoundly
  14. Become Unconditionally Constructive
  15. Recognize and Tell the Truth
  16. Market Your Talents Shamelessly
  17. Endorse Your Worst Weakness
  18. Develop More Character Than You Need
  19. Get a Fulfilling Life, Not Just an Impressive Lifestyle
  20. Perfect Your Environment
  21. Eliminate Delay
  22. Tolerate Nothing
  23. Simplify Everything
  24. Orient Yourself Around Your Values
  25. Master Your Craft
  26. Have a Vision
  27. Get Your Personal Needs Met Once and for All
  28. Be More Human