November 15, 2017 / 2 posts found

Using Social Networks to Drive Traffic to Your Offers

by James Earl Dickens
Using Social Networks to Drive Traffic to Your Offers If you have a landing page or a squeeze page that is selling a product or collecting leads, then your business model will be simple: send as many people there as possible. The more people you can send to the page you just constructed – the page that has been constructed especially to convert visitors into buyers – the greater your turnover and your profit will be. Social media is a perfect tool for doing this but you need to use it correctly. Here’s how… Facebook CPA One particularly useful tool […]

How to Create Awesome Video Content for Your Content Marketing

by James Earl Dickens
  Content marketing does not just mean writing lots of blog posts. It can mean that sure, but what is just as powerful is video content. In fact, video has a number of advantages over written content. Sure, it is less SEO-friendly and it does require a greater commitment from the viewer (they need to be able to have their sound on for starters). But at the same time, video allows you to portray your personality, principles and expertise much more efficiently and quickly. Video is also inherently more engaging and a great way to show your professionalism. If your […]
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