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Tips for Finding Relevant Interviewees for Your Podcast

Tips for Finding Relevant Interviewees for Your Podcast If you decide you would like to invite guests to be interviewed on your podcast, there are a number of ways to find people connected with your topic or niche who will be able to deliver the kind of relevant information that your audience will be eager for. 1. People you know Start with people you already know. Ask them if they would like to participate. They should be able to talk about the niche in an intelligent way. Even ask people you don’t agree with. It could make for a very […]

Podcasting Tools You Can’t Do Without

Podcasting Tools You Can't Do Without If you are thinking about starting your own podcast in order to market your business, there are several essential podcasting tools you can’t do without. Let’s look at the most important first, down to "nice to have if you can". 1. A high-quality microphone You can usually buy a good mic for less than $100 on Amazon. Some prefer headset microphones, while others like a desktop microphone such as the ones you would see in radio stations. The best type of microphone is a USB one that plugs into your computer, because it assures […]